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Fitness Coach/CEO 
John Robinson

 John Robinson has an extensive medical background as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy for over 22 years.  His educational background includes certifications from ISSA as Personal Trainer, and Sports Nutrition Specialist, U.S Navy Physical Training, and U.S Marine Corps High Intensity Tactical Training Level 2. He also has a master's degree from University of Phoenix in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in management and Master's in Business Administration. He is also a NPC physique competitor (3rd place) and Fitness Model.  Over the last  3 years, he has successfully trained six female competitors in Figure and Bikini categories to two team members placing 1st overall earning her Pro Card.  His fitness mission is to motivate his team members to meet their individual fitness objectives and improve overall quality of life.  In his free time, Mr. Robinson enjoys spending quality time with his wife of over 15 years and three children.

"If you can do more, you are not doing enough" -John Robinson

About Us


Fitness Coach Kelila Robinson

Kelila has a broad background in the healthcare field. She has been in the medical field for 14 years. Through her own journey through health and wellness she fell in love with fitness. She enjoys trying new activities to maintain an active lifestyle with her family. She is a mother of three beautiful daughters and is married to the founder/CEO of Team Ambition Fitness. Kelila gained her personal training and Kickboxing certification through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). She also has her Bachelor of Science in Health Administration in Long-Term Care  from the University of Phoenix. She currently works full time as a nurse but is looking forward to assisting new team members in obtaining their fitness goals. Kelila believes in the 110% mentality. By giving 110% effort a person is manifesting success in their mind first before it becomes their reality.



"The only limits on your life are the ones placed by your own thinking, so when you fail look at it as your first attempt in learning."-Kelila Robinson

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