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Real people with real results!!!

"My original goal was to lose 10lbs and get "back in shape". John challenged me to push myself to "be epic". I'm not sure what I expected when I started training for the stage. Although I was hopeful and wanted to place, I'm not sure that I actually believed I could until we got closer to game day. With John's help, I pushed myself harder than I ever have. He gave me the support I needed and was patient with me when I lost motivation. I was nervous when it was time to step on stage, but I was confident that we had done everything possible, no matter the results. To place at all was more than I could have hoped for, John never had any doubt. I definitely owe it all to him".

-Alma (Chris) Dubois USN Service Member

"John is a great motivator and his determination to be great will rub off anybody who trains with him. Team Ambition will change your life 5 star rating for sure"

-Lamar Vaughan CEO Pride training

John is a very motivated individual. He's focused and excited about what he's doing and loves to work with people. I have been training with John off and on since we were in Okinawa, Japan (2015) together and have recommended him to many other individuals. If you need someone who is always available to talk about anything fitness related and have an easy to follow workout plan and meal guidance, John is your man.  There have been a couple of times in the beginning where until he got to know me and my motivation level that he seemed to question my motivation to the program. Since then my motivation level has gotten better, he constantly checks in, follow your meals in his program, tells you what you need to work on, sends you sample pre-workouts and other stuff as well as TAF clothing. Overall its been a very good experience.

-Jessica Calkins USAF Officer

I came to TAF already having what I thought was a little bit of fitness and nutrition knowledge. I needed someone to help me get to that next level and push me outside of my comfort zone into my potential. I also wanted to compete on stage at least once in my life. Earlier this year I was able to achieve that goal with TAF in my corner. John has truly become a mentor to me. He's really helped me find my way physiologically speaking. Always very available and responsive. Every plan I received was effective, clear and concise. "Everything doesn't work for everybody" John definitely understands that. As a trainer/coach myself, I know TAF is the real deal and definitely exemplifies integrity in the fitness world. 


- Certified Personal Trainer Reginald Pope 

I came to John at a time where I wanted to lose weight and feel comfortable in my own body again but I didn't know how to do it on my own. He started me with the basics and worked my way up. My first 3 months I seen a huge difference and lost a lot of body fat I was starting to feel comfortable again although I hit many walls John was always there to give me that extra motivation I needed ! He is an amazing coach who is invested in your progress just as much as you are and is always willing to work with you.

Alejandra Cuevas Logistics Manager

Being a part of TeamAmbition Fitness has helped me break through self limitations. When I first met John I was ashamed of my body. Now I am happy and I finally accept it. Accepting my body doesn't mean I'm settling or giving up on my fitness goals but it means I'm more confident and I no longer compare myself to others. I compare myself to the person I was a day, week, or month ago. I'm happy with my progress that I've shown so far. I've lost a copious amount of baby fat in my stomach. I lost my back fat. I'm not where I want to be because I want to push myself to higher limits and I don't want to get comfortable where I am. I want to find new ways to excel and perfect my body. John is always on me when I'm falling short and I just want to say thank you for not giving up on me and my fitness goals even when I want to give up on myself. After I'm fully healed I can't wait to get back into the gym and make up for lost time.


- Chelsea Robertson USMC Marine

My experience with Team Ambition was amazing!! So motivating and helpful! The app on your phone is great with the meal plan, workout plan, and tracking your progress!! Also being a part of the Facebook page is really cool to see everyone's progress and inspirational quotes! I will def join again after finishing school when I have time again.

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