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Team Ambition packages and plan(s) we offer that will best suit your fitness and nutritional goals.  Contact for pricing and terms of service(s). Payment will be collected until the end of your program/service you have selected 



This is the platinum package. 8-12 wk training/macro management/food log checks/accountability/TAF Clothing


Individual Training plan 8-12 weeks:  accountability/checkins/TAF clothing

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Learn how to create health habits towards your fitness or nutritional goals.  




Looking to challenge yourself for the next 12-20 weeks and step on stage with other athletes? This is the plan to max out your potential and really push your mind and body to the limits. Training, Nutrition, Supplement guidance, posing assistance, and TAF Robes Ladies and TAF Gym Bag Males

 Train one on one and receive education of nutrition for your individual health and wellness goals. 
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Tired of the same workouts, not challenging enough, you have plateaued! Well, here is your opportunity to receive a plan to challenge not only your body but your mind. Let us train you in a 4-8-12 week regimen that is easy to follow and will assist you on your fitness goals. 

Team Ambition Fitness, LLC Waiver and Release of Liability:

Team Ambition Fitness, LLC, John Robinson and their employees and agents will make

no evaluation or recommendation whether a participant is medically fit for any exercise

activity. It is always advisable to consult your physician before undertaking an exercise

program. Participants warrant, represent, and agree that: (i) they are in good physical

condition; and (ii) they have no disability, impairment, drug use, or ailment preventing

them from engaging in exercise that will be detrimental to their health, safety, comfort, or

physical condition if they do engage in any activity. It is your personal choice whether or

not to utilize the training/nutritional examples provided to you by Team Ambition

Fitness, LLC. You agree that neither Team Ambition Fitness, LLC nor John Robinson

shall have any liability arising from how you use these programs, how you perform the

exercises, or whether you follow the nutritional suggestions. You fully understand that

John Robinson and his employees and agents are not physicians nor registered dietitians.

You fully agree that all nutritional plans given to you are nothing more than examples of

what a sample nutrition program may consist of and by no means are meant to be a

prescription or diagnosis for any medical condition of any kind. You hereby agree to

waive any claims or rights you might otherwise have to sue Team Ambition Fitness,

LLC, John Robinson, or their employees or agents for injury to you on account of these

activities or due to ordinary negligence on the part of Team Ambition Fitness, LLC, John

Robinson, or their employees or agents. You have carefully read this waiver and

understand that it is a complete release of any liability whatsoever under any

circumstance related to physical training and dietary instruction by Team Ambition

Fitness, LLC, John Robinson, and their employees or agents.

 Upon purchase of any program or plan I hereby agree to all terms and conditions.

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